Trail Blazers
Branding + UX/UI design + web
Internship Details
  • Department: Digital Innovation
  • Internship Season: 2018–2019
  • Duration: 10 months

My time as part of the Trail Blazers + Rose Quarter team, primarily focused on working within the Digital Innovation department in bringing websites to live, creating email marketing, social media graphics and digital ads for corporate partners.

Along with these tasks, I stepped out of my comfort zone and wanted to focus my intern project on a new version of the Trail Blazers app.

The app aims to deliver complex pieces of information in a simple yet friendly way. Simplifying user clicks and getting the content to fans right away.

Along with the delivery of information, the other goal was to get users to feel like they are part of the team by adding user profiles with rankings based on points earned during in-game voting and even an early intro to playing 'Dunk-It' a sport betting game.

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