Skyline Hawaii
UX/UI + Web
Live Website
Project Details
  • Project Type: UX/UI + Web Design
  • Client: Fish Marketing/Skyline Hawaii
  • Turn Around: 30 days
  • Photography Credit: KBialous

Skyline Hawaii and Zipline.com wanted to reignite the beauty of Hawaii by updating their website to be mobile-ready and more user-friendly.

This project was in collaboration with Fish Marketing. My goal as the UX/UI Designer on his project was to create a redesign that 1. maintained the breath of Skyline, 2. focused on making an experience that was much easier to navigate and 3. ensuring the main object —increase sales, was kept up-front and center.

As the UX/UI designer I started by learning about the users that would be using the site and determining where users tend to get stuck on the old design.

Next, I worked with the Art Director and came up with wireframes to build up the website based on the approved UX and user workflows. From here the website was first build to be mobile-ready and then a desktop version followed. The designs were created within Sketch and presented via InVision to give the client a sense of the website.

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