Airbnb LatinX
Heritage Month
Illustration + Typography
Project Details
  • Project Type: Illustration + Typography
  • Client: Airbnb, Portland
  • Hours: 74 hours

In support of the local Spanish speaking community in Portland, Airbnb decided to host an opening event to celebrate LatinX Heritage Month which needed an event logo along with flower illustrations for their Como La Flor theme.

The first step was to develop a logo that could be used to represent Latin America without using the cliché map silhouette—that's where the sun and flower come in. The logo displays the resilient sun that warms up the Americas and the rose that represents the fire and love from these nations.

The best way to continue to incorporate flowers was to utilize the flora of multiple countries to create a bouquet that showed the unity of Latin America while showcasing the beauty from each country. The illustrations were created individually then colorized to provide depth.

While maintaining the LatinX theme, I wanted the bouquet to be held by an ambiguous individual where gender was not an important aspect.

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