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Project Details
  • Client: Paraguay
  • Category: Branding
  • Hours: 122 hrs

Paraguay is an exotic paradise hidden in South America. The best way to capture it's essence was through a unique combination logo that embodied three concepts in order to inspire travel to the country: Adventurous Warriors, Kinetic Spirits & Risk Seekers.

Once the logo was born, it was time to give Paraguay its humble and indigenous flare though the creation of a brand identity that depic the rivers in paraguay — Las Olas, a wave and curvacious line pattern.

Paraguay's brand wanted to target an audience of individuals who are seeking the next big adventure in their lifes, outside the path, outside the cliche tourist town into a hidden world full of diversity and traditional richness.

The basis of this brand stemmed from their nature, their message came from their beliefs and the color palette was born out of the spectacular sunrises and sunsets in the country.

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