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Brand development. Color + Logo design.

FudGenie was created from scratch paper to pixels. Developing a warm and cool color scheme that would provide a cohesiveness to their "walk-on-the-clouds take-out" website. Logo was fully hand crafted

Generic placeholder image

Generic placeholder image

Oh yeah, it's that good. See for yourself.

FudGenie needed some serious yet friendly graphics —that showed their "walk-on-the-clouds" motto. With this in mind, the best solution was creating line based icons that were original. This is my interpretation of light yet bold and catchy "walk-on-the-clouds" type of icons.

And lastly, this one. Checkmate!

After developing a detailed web plan and going head on: FudGenie's website was born. Constructed this website with the company's goal: make take-out ordering as easy as a walk in the coulds. Website utilized fully customized slider, photography, typography and icon development.

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